Eastern Orthodoxy

Orthodox Churches in America: A Testament to Faith and Tradition

16/04/2024 09:00 184

Orthodox Christianity in America is a rich tapestry of tradition and faith, representing the spiritual heritage of numerous cultures from around the world.

The Meaning and Uniqueness of the Russian Orthodox Crucifix in Christianity

15/04/2024 09:00 199

The Russian Orthodox Crucifix is an essential symbol of the Orthodox Christian faith, representing the heart of Russian Christianity and embodying centuries of religious tradition.

The Meaning of the Orthodox Christian Cross in Christianity

14/04/2024 09:00 205

Explore the history, symbolism, and meaning of the Orthodox Christian Cross. Learn about its unique design in Orthodox Christianity.

The Patriarch of Jerusalem

18/01/2023 21:00 951

The Patriarch of Jerusalem is the head of the Greek Orthodox Church of Jerusalem, which is one of the oldest Christian churches in the world.

The Patriarch of Alexandria

17/01/2023 21:00 934

The Patriarch of Alexandria is the title given to the bishop who serves as the head of the Coptic Orthodox Church in Alexandria, Egypt.

The Patriarch of Antioch

16/01/2023 21:00 853

The Patriarchs of Antioch are the leaders of the Greek Orthodox Church of Antioch, one of the oldest autocephalous churches in the Eastern Orthodox communion.

Bartholomew I – Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople

15/01/2023 21:00 978

Bartholomew I is the current Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople and has held this position since November 2, 1991.

Who is the Eastern Orthodox Church leader?

14/01/2023 21:00 982

The Eastern Orthodox Church is a family of 14 autocephalous (self-governing) churches, each with its own leader.

Holy Ascension Orthodox Church

13/01/2023 21:00 827

The Holy Ascension Orthodox Church is a Christian church within the Eastern Orthodox Christian tradition.

Serbian Orthodox Church

12/01/2023 21:00 942

The Serbian Orthodox Church is one of the autocephalous Eastern Orthodox churches, with its headquarters in Belgrade, Serbia.

Greek Orthodox vs Catholic

11/01/2023 21:00 944

Greek Orthodox and Catholicism are two of the largest and most historically significant branches of Christianity.

Ukrainian Orthodox Church

10/01/2023 21:00 834

The Ukrainian Orthodox Church is one of several Eastern Orthodox Churches in the world, with a history that dates to the medieval period.