Pope Gregory XIII

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The Hindu calendar

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Discovering the Charm of Islamorada, Florida

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Islamorada, Florida, often referred to as the "Village of Islands," is a paradise nestled in the heart of the Florida Keys.

Culture of Iraq

Culture of Iran


Define Buddhism

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Pope Pius XIII

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Pope Pius XI

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Pope Pius X

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Pope Pius III

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Pope Pius II

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Understanding the Distinction: Islam vs Muslim

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The terms "Islam" and "Muslim" are often used interchangeably, leading to a great deal of confusion.


Hindu vs Buddhist: A Comparative Study of Two Religions

Explore the key differences and similarities between Hindu vs Buddhist - their beliefs, practices, and philosophical concepts.

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Buddha quotes on karma

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Explore enlightening Karma Buddha quotes for spiritual growth, mindfulness, and understanding the law of cause and effect.


Journey Through Reformation History: The Birth of Protestantism

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Explore the pivotal events of Reformation history. Understand its impact on religion, society, and politics in our comprehensive guide.

Questions and Answers

Who is the patron saint of lost things?

11/05/2024 13:00 28

The patron saint of lost things is Saint Anthony of Padua. He is also known as Saint Anthony the Wonder Worker for his reputation of helping people find lost items or recover lost things. Many people who have lost something often pray to Saint Anthony for assistance in locating their lost possessions.

Who Was Moses' Wife?

Who was Moses in the bible?

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The Vinaya Pitaka

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Buddhism sacred text

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Mahayana Buddhism books

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