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Who was Moses in the bible?

Moses is revered as a prophet, leader, and lawgiver by the Jewish, Christian, and Islamic faiths.


In the Bible, Moses is a central figure in the Old Testament, particularly in the book of Exodus. He is revered as a prophet, leader, and lawgiver by the Jewish, Christian, and Islamic faiths.

According to the biblical narrative, Moses was born to Hebrew parents during a time when the Israelites were enslaved in Egypt. Due to Pharaoh’s decree to kill all Hebrew male babies, Moses’ mother placed him in a basket and set him adrift on the Nile River. He was found by Pharaoh’s daughter, who raised him as her own son.

As he grew up, Moses became aware of his Hebrew heritage and witnessed the oppression of his people. After killing an Egyptian who was mistreating a Hebrew slave, Moses fled to the wilderness of Midian. There, he married Zipporah, the daughter of a priest, and lived as a shepherd.

God later appeared to Moses in the form of a burning bush and tasked him with leading the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt. Despite initial reluctance, Moses eventually accepted his calling and, with the help of his brother Aaron, confronted Pharaoh with demands to release the Israelites.

Through a series of miraculous events known as the Ten Plagues, Pharaoh relented, and the Israelites were freed. Moses then led them through the wilderness towards the Promised Land, receiving the Ten Commandments and other laws from God at Mount Sinai along the way.

Despite his leadership, Moses was not permitted to enter the Promised Land due to an act of disobedience. He died on Mount Nebo, overlooking the land he had led the Israelites towards, and was buried by God Himself, according to the Bible. Moses remains one of the most significant figures in religious history, revered for his role in the liberation of the Israelites and the transmission of divine laws.

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